How Do I Get Started?
Getting started is simple! Set up your FREE account by visiting our home page and filling in the form. Follow the first couple of steps and earn money in just seconds. Then share your excitement. We will show you how.

What Is Click Paid?
Click Paid is part of global advertising network. We offer a high demand service of driving traffic to our client's websites. This service has recently become very much in demand as companies strive to increase their Alexa rankings and stand out from the crowd on the internet. Our Independent Business Owners (IBOs) are the engine for that service allowing them to earn significant income with ease.

What Is An Independent Business Owner (IBO)?
All individual accounts have the same opportunity to earn income. Active members who assist us in driving traffic to client's sites are call IBO's or Independent Business Owners and have the potential for unlimited commissions.

What Products And Services Does Click Paid Offer?
We currently offer Click Packages. Each Click Package offers 1000 credits that allow members to purchase various types of advertising within our network. In the weeks to come Click Panels will also be offered providing IBO's the ability to earn even more.

What Are Click Packs?
Our advertising system is based on credits. Each Click Package consists of 1000 credits that can be used to advertise in our system.

Can I Really Make Money With Click Paid?
YES! Our IBOs make money in just seconds of setting up their account. It's Free to start and there is no credit card required. You can make a daily income to pay bills or enough to provide the income and lifestyle of your dreams!

How Much Money Can I Make With This Program?
Income is based on many factors and no two people will earn the same. There are no caps to earning potential and we give you all the tools and training you need. Earning potential is unlimited.

How Can I Earn Commissions?
There are two very basic ways to earn income. Step 1: Purchase at least 1 Click Package and set up your marketing campaign. Once you have done that, simply view three websites a day. Just for viewing websites, you will earn .20 each weekday and .10 per day on the weekends for every Click Package you have purchased. There is no limit to how many Click Packages you are allowed to have. Step 2: Share this opportunity. We make this process so easy that anyone will have success. You earn 10% on each of your referral's purchases, and 5% on what their referral's purchases. The more you share... the more you earn.

How Many Accounts Can I Have With Click Paid?
Each member is allowed only one (1) account per family, persons 21 and over who are unmarried are considered their own family unit. In addition, there may only be three (3) accounts per IP address. Any variation to this policy is in violation of Click Paid's Terms & Conditions and may result in loss of all of your accounts.

Can More Than One Person In A Household Have A Click Paid Account, And Use The Same Computer?
Yes, as long as each member signs up with his/her own email address and Payment Processor(s).

How Often Are Payouts Processed?
Click Paid pays you INSTANTLY! No more waiting to see your money. Click...View....Get Paid!

What Pay Processors Can Be Used?
Payza, Solid Pay Trust, Ego Pay, Perfect Money, Liberty Reserve

What Is The Minimum Age To Be A Member Of Click Paid?
The Minimum age to be a member of Click Paid is 18.

Does My Account Become Inactive After A Period Of Non-Activity?
YES. If your account is inactive for more than 30 days, on the 31st day the system will close the account and you will lose any money you have earned and credits you have purchased. Don't worry... we will remind you before this takes place. Simply log into your account, view your three sites daily, and earn instantly.

If A Click Paid Account Becomes Inactive, Can It Be Reopened?
Yes. if this happens, Log in to the closed Click Paid account and choose the option to reopen the account.

What Are The Withdrawal Minimums And Maximums?
The withdrawal minimum is set based on your payment processor minimum. The withdrawal maximum will fluctuate daily based on the revenue from the Advertising System. The withdrawal maximum will be posted on your dashboard daily within the first few days after launch.